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Best Mobile Credit Card Processing

American Merchant is the name you can trust for the best mobile credit card processing services. We provide premier, on the go payment processing so your business can have the convenience of taking payments in any location. You can purchase the credit card machine for phone models of all types. These convenient credit card machines integrate easily with smartphones from all carriers and can be used easily to take payments on the go.

Take Payments Easily

At American Merchant, we provide a full inventory of merchant service equipment for businesses across all industries. Whether you need the credit card phone swipe equipment for a local trade show or food truck, you can rely on our safe and secure processing to get your payments processed efficiently. In addition, you can enjoy knowing that all payments are deposited quickly within 24 hours after the credit card has been swiped. We make it simple to get your transactions completed with the utmost convenience for you and your customers.

With the credit card swiper for cell phone, you can process payments via your smartphone, iPad, iPhone, or tablet. With just a merchant account, a smartphone, and an app, your business is ready to accept payments everywhere.

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