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On the Go Payment Processing

American Merchant delivers the quality merchant card services businesses of all sizes can benefit from. We offer portable credit card reader solutions so you can take your business further than you ever thought possible.

Portable Credit Card Reader

Card readers and imprinters give your business the flexibility to take payments at outdoor events, tradeshows and more. As one of the leading merchant service companies in the nation, you can feel confident knowing you are getting quality products offered at the most competitive prices.

Smartphone Credit Card Payment Solutions

There is no need for a cash register when you can use a state of the art smartphone credit card reader offered by American Merchant. We make it easy for your business to accept debit and credit card payments without the hassle of being tied down to one location. With a portable card reader, you can provide your employees with the capability to accept payments at any time and from any location with ease and convenience. Our secure payment processing system will guarantee that each transaction is encrypted and secure.

If you are unsure about which portable credit card reader is right for your business needs, just give us a call. You can depend on us to help you choose just the right portable card reader for your business. Our friendly support staff is available 24-hours a day to provide the reliable assistance you need.

Lowest Rates

Maximize your profits by attaining the lowest processing rates in the industry. We will beat and match any rates.

Free Equipment

Get an industry leading credit card On-The-GO terminal at no cost to you. Don’t overspend when you don’t have to.

Easy to use:

Our software and equipment make the process of accepting credit cards simple and easy.

Get Paid:

Get paid within 24 hours. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account.